Download HP Deskjet 1280 driver  

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You can directly download the HP Deskjet 1280 driver here:

You need to choose your OS. And look for the Driver selection.

Download Epson Stylus NX400 driver  

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You can download your Epson Stylus nx400 installation driver here:

How to format Nokia 5200  

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Try to dial these keys:

*#7780# or *#7370#

To hard format, you can press and hold:

* (asterisk or star), 3, and the call key (green handset) while turning your phone on.

How to attach pictures to Yahoo Mail  

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You can only be able to place pictures which came from the internet. In other words, the picture that you want to place inside the email body should have a URL or the exact web address of that particular image file. To explain this further, open your yahoo email and compose a newemail.

Now, for example you're going to insert this picture,

You need to select the image to HIGHLIGHT the picture (click and drag to highlight). Then press ctrl + c to copy (do not right click the image). Then go back to your yahoo mail and right click on the area where you want to paste it and then choose paste.

Download HP Officejet Pro L7590 Manual  

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Here is where you can download HP Officejet Pro L7590 Manual directly:

How to upload pictures from digital camera to computer  

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1. Connect your camera by plugging in your camera's cable into the usb port of your computer.

2. Turn on the camera so that the computer will detect the new usb device.

3. Open your Windows Explorer. Click Start >> Run and type "explorer" (without the quotes); or right click your start button and click Explore.

4. Under My Computer, look for the drive letter for your camera and click it to show the contents to the right.

5. Look for the folder that contains those pictures and copy them to your computer's local drive by click and drag.

That's it!

Computer does not recognize External Drives  

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If plugged in the first time, the external drive needs to be initialized from your computer. Here are the steps.

1. Right click your My Computer and choose Manage.
2. Click on the Disk Management from the left. The list of available drives will show on the right.
3. Right click on your External drive and select create partition (primary partition).
4. After that you now you need to format the hard drive. Choose quick format.
5. Right click again on the partition you've just created, now select "Format" and select NTFS.
6. Click Ok and it will guide you until it is finished.